In the last year or so I've been discovering the power of the Tube. I never really understood the craze until I discovered small pockets of awesome nestled in the corners of food related videos and how to guides. Let it be noted that two things in life I love besides making art are good food and good weather. So naturally, before a trip to South East Asia I scoured the Internet for quality recommendations for food to eat while I was there. One of the videos I discovered led to a channel and subsequently a subscription. That channel was Migrationology.

Migrationology, which is run by Mark Wiens and his wife, is in my opinion some of the best food-related content on the web. He posts a variety of street food videos from around the world accented with a ton of quality travel videos.  At the heart of it is Mark's passion for food and traveling which has blossomed into a highly entertaining venture. You can tell immediately this guy has an honest love for food as well as a work ethic that inspires (he puts out two videos a week.) If a dish isn't quite up his alley, he'll tell you and if it's something amazing he'll let you know by the signature face he makes after a bite of Nasi Lemak or a slurp of Thai curry noodles or any immensely tasty food that crosses his plate. If you only watch a few of his videos, check out some from his India, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand series. I took his recommendations very seriously when traveling to Thailand and Malaysia and the trip (gastronomically speaking) would not have been the same without them. Check out his site and his videos, they're totally worth your time. Damn, that was a long post. See, I love food.