April 22, 2014 = #dreday #cancerversary

I first met André back in 2009 at New School University. We took a media studies course with Trebor Scholz and got paired up to work on a presentation together. A little bit of friendship later, we ended up in Amsterdam on an exchange program that would change our lives. After graduation I would decide to move back to Amsterdam and André would move to Brazil for two years. He lived in Bahia, danced in Carnival and danced his ass off in this music video. Now he's back in NYC and is celebrating his 9th year free as a cancer patient. Know this to be true, this man is a phoenix reincarnate and his life is his testimony and I love him for that. I designed this little poster for him so people remember that tomorrow is an important day. Join him in dance and celebration at Union Square tomorrow from 11AM - 8PM. You'll see the party.